FAQ - Cancelations/ Rescheduling/ Schedule Changes

Cancelations and Invoicing 

Due to a increase in cancellations and credits we will unfortunately not be unable to provide credits for missed lessons or changed schedules after invoices have been sent out. However we will do our very best to make up or offer you free attendance to a workshop! If you plan to be out of town during what would be our usual lessons please let us know in advance. Thank you! 

Make up for workshop or group classes 

We will do our best to help your child catch up on any missed workshop days or classes. Yet, it is not promised that we will be able to make up a lesson. Art make up will take priority as it is harder to catch up in class but music is easier to catch up.

 Schedule Changing

Due to and increase in business a schedule change may not be able to be supported but we will do our very best to accommodate you. If you’d like to continue to work with OTB but the schedule no longer allows it pleases consider workshops or book sas you go classes. 


We appreciate your business!